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China Exchange

Rotterdam and Shanghai share a long and rich history of commercial trade. In 1979 both cities became twin-cities and as such an official department of the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce found its Shanghai domicile in 1987. The significant mutual interest in the field of education was the principal reason for this exchange project, which is founded upon providing a project consisting of 40 hours of specialised training, the exchange of curricula and materials, cultural enrichment and enhancement of historical perception.

A trade delegation from the city of Rotterdam visited Shanghai in 2008. This delegation was led by the then Mayor of Rotterdam and was initiated by the Rotterdam Chamber of Commerce, the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council and the Rotterdam Harbour Company. Among them was a delegation of the Zadkine Vocational Secondary College. During this visit a covenant was drawn up between the then Zadkine ICT College of Excellence and the Shanghai Information Technology College (SITC for short), initiating a communal exchange project.

After a period of extensive preparation the exchange finally in 2010. The exchange is conducted annually from 2010. During the even years students from the Rotterdam Technology college visit SITC and in the odd years we greet the teachers and students from the Shanghai Information Technology College here in Rotterdam.